Branik Stone Trays - Large Round
Branik Stone Trays - Large Round
Branik Stone Trays - Large Round
Branik Stone Trays - Large Round

Branik Stone Trays - Large Round

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Precious stones, created by the mother earth, carefully selected by Agata Knorowska. Designed and cut into enjoyable shapes in her Warsaw atelier, where pieces of marble, travertine and quartzite become functional, everyday objects. Branik trays bring aesthetic pleasure to your interior and boost your everyday mood. Truly timeless... Made from million year-old stones... Build a collection for generations.

Each scalloped stone tray measures 9.5" W x .75" H with leather or suede cushioning on underside to protect your surfaces.

Emperador dark: (brown)

Emperador Dark is an alluring marble from Spain featuring a range of

dark, rich browns and grays. This is a natural stone formed from

different types of limestone. They were formed by the creation of earth's

crust thousands of years to create. Therefore, the stone has many

outstanding features, both beautiful and durable.

Azul macaubas: (blue)

Blue quarzite from Vaca Morta valley in the Macaubas hills of Brazil. In

the Vaca Morta quarry on the Sierra del Macaubas, an otherwise

nondescript white quarzite is streaked with grains of dumortierite and

lazulite, resulting in one of the most beautiful stones used for architectual

purposes. In the trade, it is know variously as azul do Macaubas, azul

Macaubas or blue Macaubas. Quarzites are metamorphosed sandstones

and this stone can often show relicts of the original cross-bedding of the

sand adding to the attractive appearance.