The Orient Canvas Shower Curtain by Quiet Town
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The Orient Canvas Shower Curtain by Quiet Town

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Available in Sky Blue or Clay, The Orient is named after Quiet Town’s favorite quiet town located at the easternmost tip of Long Island. This cotton canvas curtain is constructed using denim hemming on the interior and exterior for a super-clean finish no matter what side of the curtain you’re on. The corners are rounded like an old-fashioned canvas sail.

72"x72" Finished with 100% brass grommets.

Curtains constructed in Brooklyn, canvas milled in USA, grommets imported from Turkey.

Care:Machine wash in cold water. Dry on low heat.

Recommended use with a liner but can be used without. If used without a liner, shake excess water off curtain and allow to dry on the outside of tub.

Wash twice a month if used regularly to prevent mold and mildew.